HIKSVS Prize Giving Award 2020

20 July 2020

On 10th July Friday, we held "HIKSVS Prize Giving Award 2020". It has indeed been a different year for all of us. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has impacted us all in both our school and personal lives. Teachers and students have adjusted, approached and carried out the work to ensure there has been as minimal impact as possible on education. It was a pity that parents were not able to witness their children’s awards because of the prevention of COVID-19. Like a big family, all staff and pupils at HIKSVS gathered together to celebrate children’s effort of the past year and everyone’s progress.

The awards were split into different categories: Attainment Prizes, Progress Prizes, Subject Prizes, Four Journey Awards, Headmistress’ Award and Principal’s Award. The ceremony was a great opportunity to award those children who have set good examples for all for their hard work, perseverance, enthusiasm in learning and care for others.

  • The attainment award was given to the students who have reached the highest standard overall in English, Mathematics and Chinese subject.
  • Progress awards were given to those students who, based on their starting point at the beginning of the year, have made the most progress between September and now in English, Mathematics and Chinese subjects.
  • Subject Prizes were presented for Art, Science, Physical Education and Music and Drama. The teachers have carefully considered the following criteria: exceptional effort in lessons, outstanding behaviour and overall performance in the subject’s assessments or exams.
  • The categories of Four Journey Awards are Academic, Enrichment, Community, and Leadership.
  • Headmistress’ Award and Principal's Award were chosen from all the students by Mrs Yang and Mr Hurst. They have best shown outstanding academic, exceptional behaviour, good manners and exceptional effort.

Since September last year, we have been collating all the House points achieved by all students in their school work. House points are not just awarded for academic good work, but also for personal qualities like leadership and teamwork, determination and flexibility, respect and consideration, confidence and self-belief. Mr Hurst announced Bodiam, with the highest house points, became the House winner of 2020.

Our Year 1 children have successfully finished their first year in our school. We are very proud of their progress of the year and each child was awarded with a graduation certificate. We wish them a productive and successful school life in Year 2.


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