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The International Perspective

The School combines the Socratic and Confucian educational traditions – the very best of Western and Eastern education – to ensure our pupils really are knowledgeable global citizens, who can apply their knowledge in creative, interesting ways to new problems, and are self-confident, compassionate, motivated and high-achieving individuals.

As an international School, we teach children an appreciation of world culture; the pupils experience a variety of cultures and people. Your child will have the unique opportunity to discover the differences and similarities in other cultures compared their own. Children who attend international schools gain insight and confidence now to deal with other cultures and people in the future.  Children will be given the opportunity to visit Sutton Valence School and experience a traditional British preparatory school.

This celebration of diversity is also expressed through a focus on enrichment activities, which nurture and develop a child’s creativity and imagination. Find out more about our Enrichment journey. 

Studies have shown that children from international schools are more likely to attend the university of their choice and their international education puts fewer limits and restrictions on them. Children will leave the School competent in more than one language and with enough knowledge and understanding of world culture to smoothly transition into higher education and eventually work.