About HIK International

The Hopeland Group was founded in 2001 by Mrs Wang Fenglan (the current Chairman) in Tianjin.  It has enjoyed sustained and profitable growth since 2002.

HIK Group has been focused on providing exceptional-quality, private kindergarten services for the last 15 years in China, where it is now a premier brand in its sector, rated by industry research institutions, based on its facility standards, revenue and campus size.

The Group has cooperated with Singapore Haijia International Education Group since the start of its business importing the world's leading concept of early childhood education and teaching system from Singapore.

Hopeland International adheres to the philosophy of ‘Holistic Education, Happy Growth’, and continues to improve, research and evolve.

Current HIK Kindergarten Campuses

The Group currently operates three kindergartens, with an associated educational farm:

The Shuishang Campus, established in 2002, is a unique all-villa kindergarten located in the ‘Chelsea’ of Tianjin. Over 70 species of plants keep the campus green throughout the year and the combination of villas and planting creates a quiet and supportive environment in which pupils thrive.

The Haiyi Campus, established in 2010, is located in Cuibo Avenue, Meijiang Bay, right next to the Jin River with its elegant environment and convenient transportation links. Constructed of European-style two-storey villas, it occupies an area of some 11,000m² including 2000m² of green land with many varieties of plants and fruit trees, as well as large sports and play areas.

The Meijiang Campus, established in 2015, is located in the villa area, south of Meijiang and on the east side of the Weijin River, which enjoys a beautiful waterscape and a tranquil environment. There are 24 wooden villas in a campus covering 13,200m². In the centre of the campus is a huge lawn area as well as a large swimming pool and sand pit for children to play freely. Hundreds of fruit trees and plants are scattered around the campus.

The Bruno Farm is Hopeland's exclusive private farm occupying over 150 acres, divided into planting areas, a breeding area and an ‘experience’ area. It operates as a green, low-carbon farm, integrating planting and breeding with an ecological classroom, offering fruit and vegetable picking, farming experience plus organic food making. The farm is both an excellent source of home-grown organic food for the HIK campuses and a precious ecological experience classroom.










梅江园于2015年正式开园,位于梅江南侧、卫津河东侧的别墅区内。在这里,孩子们可以享受别致的水景以及平静安宁的教学环境。园内建有24座木制别墅,校园占地面积13, 200m²。在校园中心有一个巨大的草坪区,一个大型的游泳池和供孩子们自由玩耍的沙坑。成百上千的果树和植物分散在校园的各个角落。