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Through membership of our community and the academic and enrichment opportunities it provides, we believe that all young people in our School will be enabled to fulfil their true potential. We want our pupils to be confident, civilised, tolerant and open-minded individuals who possess a love of learning and a strong set of moral values.

Our Mission is to provide:

• A caring, supportive and inclusive community for the education of children aged 6-12;

• A challenging, relevant and broad curriculum delivered in ways that allow all to achieve;

• An outstanding range of sporting, artistic, cultural and social activities, and opportunities so that children can develop skills such as self-discipline, commitment, leadership and teamwork;

• A safe, secure and stimulating environment which promotes excellence, independence and high standards whilst providing support to all who need it.

• A grounding in moral and spiritual understanding which will promote respect for others, along with self-respect.


The ethos is one of high expectations, hard work and achievements; a community where each cares for all and individuality is cherished.





  • 为6至12岁的孩子营造充满呵护、支持及包容的教育环境;

  • 通过各种可以实现的方式教授富有挑战性、范围广泛的相关课程;

  • 提供一系列不同凡响的体育、艺术、文化及社区活动机会,以培养学生的各项技能,如自律、责任、领导力及团队合作;

  • 打造安全可靠的激励性环境,促进学生追求卓越及独立精神、恪守高标准,同时提供所有相应支持;

  • 为学生在道德和精神方面的正确理解打下良好的基础,使学生懂得如何尊重他人、尊重自己。