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Educational Philosophy

At HIKSVS International School, every child undertakes ‘Four Journeys’ to develop every aspect of their learning and their character. Like Sutton Valence’s UK Preparatory and Senior Schools, HIKSVS International School has the clearly articulated Sutton Valence ethos and educational philosophy running throughout the School. We believe the relationships we enjoy between staff, pupils and parents allow us to craft an educational journey that is individually-suited to every pupil.   If we feel supported, cared for and recognised for what we are, then we will feel comfortable pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone to discover the limits of our ability.  It is only through this process that we can truly achieve.

At whichever point children join us they embark on their own journeys, each one with differing emphasis on the four areas we hold dear: Academic, Enrichment, Community and Leadership and Service. For each of our pupils, our ultimate destinations are the same: that they will work hard to fulfil their true potential and add value to their lives.

None of this should come at the expense of childhood and what this School does so successfully is find that balance between delivering in terms of education, and yet doing so kindly and with many broad, interesting and high-quality opportunities.  The School is very proud of its articulate and confident pupils who move on able to work things out for themselves, so crucial in an increasingly challenging world.