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The HIKSVS Difference

  • Bringing together the very best of the Western educational system with the very best of the Eastern educational system, so that our pupils really do learn how to acquire knowledge, but also to apply it creatively in problem-solving and lateral thinking;

  • Providing the Sutton Valence educational philosophy and ethos of ‘Four Journeys’ , which has so successfully challenged pupils and enabled them to grow, so that Sutton Valence is in the top 2% of all schools in the UK for adding the most academic value to every child

  • Combining pupils’ effort with excellent teaching to produce results that exceed expectations;

  • International and Chinese pupils integrate across many activities but also divide for some academic subjects; 

  • Chinese-English and English-Chinese pupil exchanges and visits;

  • Provision of first-class English tuition;

  • An enrichment programme that offers a breadth of experience, growing essential skills for now and the future;

  • A School which is big enough for diversity, small enough to care;

  • Limitless opportunities for leadership, service, challenge and growth;

  • A caring community which goes above and beyond in order to support one another;

  • Balancing traditions with innovation: giving our students a sense of place and history.


  • 将最优秀的中西方教育体系融合在一起,使学生真正学会如何获取知识、应用知识,如何利用创造性思维解决问题及学会横向思维;

  • 向学生传授关于萨顿瓦伦斯“四段旅程”的教学理念和办学精神;这些精髓使萨顿瓦伦斯学生得以接受挑战并顺利成长,萨顿瓦伦斯也因其向每个孩子的成长提供最高的学术价值而在英国所有学校中排名前2%;

  • 将学生的努力与卓越的教学工作结合在一起,进而产生超出预期的成果;

  • 中外小学生共同参加多项活动,同时又分别开展专项学术活动;

  • 中国和英国的小学生展开相互交流及访问;

  • 提供一流的英语教学服务;

  • 拓展课程可拓展学生体验,帮助其培养目前及未来所需的必要技能;

  • 学校大到可实现多元化,小到可以体贴入微;

  • 在领导力、服务、挑战及成长方面为孩子们提供无限的机遇;

  • 打造相互帮助、充满关爱的独特环境;

  • 将传统与创新相融合:使学生获得地域感和历史感。