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The Curriculum

The curriculum aims to provide a solid foundation for further study and develop good learning skills. The traditional academic disciplines, including Mathematics and Science, are compliment by Music, Drama, Art and Design concept, as well as a varied Sports programme and many other activities. Advanced learning facilities and technology are used to enhance learning and engage young minds.

We value academic achievement highly, but we also believe that many of the most important aspects of education, contrary to contemporary belief, cannot be measured. We value:

• Curiosity;

• Independent thinking;

• Creativity;

• Self-motivation;

• Self-respect;

• Confidence;

• Discernment;

• Resilience;

• Tolerance and empathy;

• Global awareness;

Pupils’ progress is carefully monitored to ensure that potential is fulfilled and any difficulties are identified as early as possible. This progress is regularly assessed, both formally and informally, and parents are kept up-to-date about levels of effort and attainment through the reporting system and a pattern of regular parent-teacher meetings. Parents are encouraged to discuss their children's progress with staff at any time.





  • 好奇心;

  • 独立思考能力;

  • 创造力;

  • 自我鼓励;

  • 自我尊重;

  • 自信;

  • 洞察力;

  • 韧性;

  • 包容心及同理心;

  • 全球认知的能力。