HIK SVS Partnership

The collaboration between Sutton Valence School and HIK has been developed through a measured approach over the last two years, with HIK’s input led by Karl Yin, Fenglan Wang’s son and a former pupil of Sutton Valence School. We are therefore very confident that this is an exciting and well-thought-out, high-end educational development.

The School is a ground-breaking project, with a mix of students, and unique as the very first stand-alone English speaking primary or preparatory school in China developed through a UK independent preparatory school branding and ethos. The longer-term vision for the School is to provide a continuity of education, to UK standards,up to the age of 18.

The brand of the new HIK SVS International School in Tianjin reflects ‘Excellence in Education’. The Hopeland Group was founded in 2001 by Fenglan Wang in Tianjin. HIK Group has been focused on providing exceptional-quality, private kindergarten services for the past 15 years in China, where it is now a premier brand in the sector, rated by industry research institutions based on its facility standards, revenue and campus size.

Hopeland International adheres to the philosophy of ‘Holistic Education, Happy Growth’, and continues to improve, research and evolve – working with Sutton Valence School is part of this exciting growth and search for excellence in academic, enrichment, leadership and community provision.